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    Wedding Solutions

    The above below services allow for us to capture your moment, a memory that is imperishable. Photographs capture a split second in time, where video builds on that, video allows us to construct your story, a story that is unique to you and your relationship.

    We want your photos and videos to be shared across generations and bring joy to your family and loved ones for the many years to come.

    Recent wedding projects...

    Why every wedding deserves the best

    Capture Memories

    Your wedding day will be one of the biggest moments of your life, why wouldn’t you want to capture it?! Growing up, there was nothing more special and nostalgic than watching old family videos or flicking through the family photo album. Give your future children and grandchildren the same joys we all shared growing up.

    There’s a connotation out there that wedding costs are always a premium and although you do want the absolute best for your special day there’s no need to pay overs for what you want. We have taken into consideration just how large and costly weddings become and have prepared 3 different service packages for any budget.

    Decorate your home

    Make that house a home with your wedding portraits. We’ve all seen our parents proudly present their wedding photos around the family home and now it’s your turn. For those traditional newlyweds who have been living with their parents up until now, hanging up your wedding photo in your brand new family home marks the start of an exciting, love filled and life long journey.

    Presents for the Family

    A wedding isn’t just a big day for you, but also for your family. Your parents and grandparents will be so overjoyed that their baby (and baby’s baby) has found love and is embarking on a lifelong journey with their partner. Share some of the happiness from your day and frame up some of your favorite memories and gift them to your loved ones. They will appreciate it more than you know.

    Connect with loved ones

    Having had his big Italian/Lebanese wedding (what a combo!) during the COVID 19 pandemic/border restrictions, our company director truly understands the importance of capturing these memories and exporting them overseas to our loved ones who unfortunately can’t be here with us, a value that has been instilled throughout the team. It allows for them to feel involved, to feel as if they were there and would hold an incredible amount of sentimental value to them.

    The Cohesion Difference

    Experienced Videographers

    Weddings are stressful and the day itself is so fast paced that you don’t have time to think! And the last thing you want to think about is “where’s the photographer” or “are they getting this?” Our job is to capture all those special moments while staying out of your hair. A skillset that we have developed over countless wedding shoots.

    We have been the Bride & Groom

    We have been on both sides of the camera, having organized and partaken in a weddings and shot countless, we really have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected from the bride and groom and how to meet these expectations.

    Reliable, Trustworthy and Organised

    We have heard a number of horror stories of gumtree photographers either showing up late, missing the event or acting in an unprofessional manner around the guests. Having come from a corporate background we wish to provide you with the same quality of service that all our clients receive. The last thing you want to stress about on the day and the lead up to the day is about us, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service and emanating any stresses you may have regarding photo/video. Prior to the date we sit down with you and develop a custom run sheet, deliverables and requests to ensure you receive an expert service and stress free experience.

    How we go about capturing your special day

    To make your life a little easier during this time, we have streamlined the process to make it as simple as possible, here is what to expect from us and when.

    Pre Wedding

    Depending on your needs and budget we are able to guide you as to which package will be right for you. Once we have identified your package we will, always, meet to book dates and times, outline locations and most importantly learn more about you! Each couple is different and we hope to give you something that is truly you.

    Dates & Times

    This is fairly obvious but there’s a lot going on and we want to make sure we don’t miss a beat! Date obviously refers to the day you’re planning to tie the knot, times we require are time of bridal preparation, ceremony, location shots, reception.


    Where is the bridal prep? The ceremony? The reception? Another location to consider is the location of your first photo shoot as man and wife, when thinking about this it’s important to keep in mind the location of the ceremony venue and reception venue. You usually have a few hours between the two but the last thing you want is to rush from location to location and straight into the reception….trust us, we know!

    Video Style

    During our time together we look to learn as much about you two as possible. Every couple and every relationship is different and we want to produce something that is unique to you. We will look to understand what style and type of video you like, some like clean and professional, others retro and vintage.


    We know (trust us, we know) how much cost goes into a wedding, so to best help your cash flow during this period we have split the bill into 2 portions, 30% booking fee at the commencement of our project with the final 70% falling due after the big day (so you can use some of that wishing well goodness….you’re welcome)

    Wedding Day

    It’s the big day! It is going to be incredibly hectic so here’s exactly what we will be doing, where and when.

    Wedding Preparation

    The wedding day is such a high octane day, jammed packed with moments however it is the bridal preparation that gives us the most small yet beautiful and sentimental moments that aren’t to go unnoticed. When Dad first sees his little girl in her wedding dress, Mum cooking up a storm for the groomsmen, images that will be iconic in your family for generations to come.


    It’s all about that kiss, when you seal the deal and become husband and wife until death do us part. An emotionally charged part of the day which can not go without photo or video and plays a significant role in the “plot” of your wedding video.


    Once you’ve said I do, you will be whisked away to your photography location (determined in the initial consult meeting), where you will meet our photographer/s and get snapping. Having done this all before, on both sides of the camera, we know the ins and outs of how to capture those beautiful portraits that will be hung around your house (and parents houses) for many years to come.


    It’s time to let your hair down and celebrate with your family and loved ones. The Reception always plays a significant role in your video productions, it is where the speeches can drive the video into either a more heartfelt direction or humorous one. It is the happy ending where the bride and groom drive off into the sunset…..or drink too much and fall asleep during said speeches.

    Post Wedding

    Final Payment

    As mentioned above once the wedding has concluded and the video is under production the final payment falls due. Once the payment is received we will then finalize your video and photos.


    Depending on the video style and package (that we determine before the commencement of the project) the delivery date may vary. However for a rule of thumb we look to achieve the following:

    Photography: 7 working days

    Videography: 30 working days


    The deliverables are what to expect from us and how to expect them. We deliver all of our content via an online link which you are able to download and share, the link is only live for a set amount of time so we recommend that you download your content immediately. We can also upload your precious memories to a hard drive or USB stick as well….its all ways better to be safe!


    We used Cohesion to take photos of my proposal to my now wife. We had set up a time, and everything was amazing from the professionalism, communication and of course - the products and photos which we still use today to remember the moment. Without Cohesion and Angelo helping us, the moment wouldn’t of been as memorable. I highly recommend that you go with Cohesion when it comes to professionalism and to get the job done well !

    Sean & Nancy