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    Game Changer Awards

    We live in a rapidly innovating time and reliance on tech/stem-based resources, solutions and opportunities continue to increase. Gamechangers actively encourage our next generation to realize this opportunity and challenges the perpetual notion that “science and math are for nerds,” rather it encourages our youth to take on the status quo and view STEM as an area of infinite potential.

    Sharing our love for innovation and technology paired with our enthusiasm on education, we joined the GCA initiative in 2019 as gold sponsors assisting with media and promotion spanning from promotional production to the lead up to the event to game day coverage. In partnership we were able to increase participation and assist in landing some notable sponsors for the 2020 games.

    “Cohesion have been a partner to GCA since 2019 and they have been amazing at building us a web presence online and helping us reach our clients. I highly recommend the Cohesion team, they are brilliant, they work hard and they are very professional.”
    – Paul Moro – Chairman GCA


    Game Changer Awards